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» Frequently Asked Questions

  • The app/widget/clock is not updating automatically, what should I do?

    If you have an option in your phone settings for running app in background, please allow Weather & Clock Widget.

    Also try to disable the battery optimization settings for Weather & Clock Widget from Android Settings.

    Otherwise, this is most likely a launcher issue.

  • I am having a problem installing / updating the app from Google play, what should I do?

    This is usually a temporary Google play issue; please refer to this page to resolve it: Downloading on Google play

  • Why I can only see a small icon on my phone screen?

    This is the default app icon; you can remove it and add home screen widget.

  • How to add widget on home screen?

    It depends on your phone launcher, in most of phone launchers, long press on an empty area on your phone screen, then search for any option to add widgets, once you found it, tap and search for our widgets, select your favorite widget type and size, press and hold on it.
    In some old launchers, from home screen, press menu button > Add (Apps & Widgets) > Widgets > Press and hold your favorite widget size.

  • App widgets are not listed, what should I do?

    Check if the app is installed on SD card, move it to phone memory, if not just reboot.

  • The app doesn't update on mobile network, how do I resolve this problem?

    - Open Settings screen and make sure the "Update on Wi-Fi only" is not checked.
    - Open the app from app list then, open weather screen and hit update, and check for the error message you get.
    If everything is OK, then this issue usually related to your mobile network configurations with Android, some people reported that changing "Authentication Type" from "PAP" to "None" Resolved this issue.
    Settings > [Connections] > More Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > [YOUR ACCESS POINT] > Authentication Type.
    - In some cases a reboot or reinstalling the app would help.

  • How to delete location/city from the app?

    You can do that by two ways, either you can open my cities screen, and long press on secondary city name then tap delete.
    Or, from Weather screen, swipe to city, then press menu button or the three vertical dots (depends on your phone model) then tap delete.

  • Why I cannot delete default location?

    The default location might be changed from settings; however, you cannot delete it because the app always has to have default location information.

  • How to change default location?

    From Settings, uncheck "Detect my Location" then select location manually.

  • The detected location position is correct, but name or address has wrong spelling or wrong language, what does that mean?

    This issue is related to Google maps issue, you might contact Google maps support.

  • How to reorder locations / cities?

    Open “My Cities” screen, hold the right edge of any secondary row and move up or down.

  • How to select city to be displayed on widget?

    Just tap city name on the widget.

  • Why app sometimes shows wrong sunrise and sunset times for default location?

    The default location inherits your phone timezone settings, during the period of changing from summertime (Daylight saving) or from wintertime, network providers in some countries delay timezone new settings, therefore the phone keeps the old timezone, you can configure that manually from your Phone settings > Date and Time.

  • Widget shows wrong time for secondary city, what should I do?

    Open the app, open weather screen, slide to city, press menu, tap Timezone Offset, select manually and adjust timezone.

  • Widget shows wrong time for default city, what should I do?

    Please, check your phone time settings from Phone Settings > Date and Time.

  • The app does not track my location, what should I do?

    Please, make sure that Settings > Detect my Location is enabled, then make sure that your phone location service is enabled from Phone Settings > Location, and if you are using your phone indoors, make sure that location settings is on “High accuracy” or “Battery saving”, the “Device only” setting is not working indoors.
    If everything is OK, this is might be due to a known issue with old versions of Android network location service, rebooting every few days resolves this issue until Google fixes it. Android Issue: 57707

  • The widget freezes/stops updating, what should I do?

    If the widget stopped updating, please check two things; if your phone running under low memory, or another possible reason is, you might have task manager / killer, if so, add Weather & Clock Widget to the white list.
    If everything is OK, then this is almost related to a known Android issue: 28216

  • My widget shows N/A, what does that mean?

    This might be a temporary connection issue or lack of weather information from provider, you might select another provider from Settings.
    - In some cases rebooting or reinstalling the app would help.

  • My widget shows different time for cities/locations, what does that mean?

    That should be the local time of each city, you can disable this feature from Settings > Widget Settings > Display Local Time.

  • How to set full transparent widget style?

    You can customize widget look and feel or features from Settings > Widget Settings.
    Ex: Settings > Widget Settings > Widget style, then select “Transparent”

  • How to remove app notifications from device lock screen?

    You can do that by long press on the notification of lock screen, and either you can press the mute icon or info icon then disable “Show on lock screen”.

  • How to remove temperature from device status/notification bar?

    You can disable Settings > Show temperature in status bar.

  • Can I customize or disable alerts?

    Yes, from Settings > Alters section.

  • I purchased the paid version; shall the app display ads again?

    No, the Ad-Free version does not contain ads, but you have to remove the free version and keep the paid one only, they are different apps.

  • Do I have to pay again for the Ad-Free version in each install?

    No, if you use the same Google account for each install, you do not have to pay again. but sometimes people uninstall app by mistake during the evaluation/refund period. Therefore, the merchant refunds your money automatically. Then you have to pay again.

  • What are permissions required for installing the app?

    - Location Permission (for detecting your location)
    - Calendar permission (for displaying calendar events of event widgets)
    - Network Access (for accessing internet)
    - Storage Permission (for Image caching)
    - Vibration Control Permission (for controlling vibrator alert).

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